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Phenergan Tablets 25mg
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Phenergan Tablets 25mg

Related post: levulose. Zymase, found in yeast, hydrolyzes glucose (dextrose and levu- lose) to alcohol and carbon dioxide. 96 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY 2. Fat and Oil Ferment : Lipase splits up fats and oils into fatty acids and glycerin. It is Buy Phenergan Uk found m various mildews, molds and numerous oily seeds and other fatty-oil storage regions of higher plants. 3. Proteinaceous Ferments : Pepsin converts proteids into proteoses and peptones. Trypsin, found in yeast, Boletus edulis, Amanita species, etc., resolves proteins to peptones and amino-acids. Bromelin, found in the Phenergan 10mg Tablets fruit of the Pineapple and Papayin (Pa- pain), found in the latex of the fruit of the Papaw, act similarly to trypsin. Nepenthin, found in the pitchers of Nepenthes species, acts simi- larly to pepsin. 4. Glucoside Ferments : Emulsin (synaptase), found in the seeds of the Bitter Almond, Cherry Laurel leaves, in the barks Phenergan Tablets 25mg of the Wild Black Cherry and Choke Cherry and in other Rosaceous plant parts, in Manihot utilissima, 'Polygala species, etc., hydrolyzes the glucoside present (either amygdalin or 1-mandelonitrile glucoside) to hydrocyanic acid, benzaldehyde and glucose. Myrosin (myronase), found in the seeds of Brassica nigra and other members of the Crucifera, converts the glucoside, Sinigrin, into ally-iso-sulphocyanide and glucose. Rhamnase, found in Rhamnus Frangula and probably other species of Rhamnus, hydrolyzes the glucoside frangulin to rhamnose and emodin. Gaultherase, found in Phenergan 12.5 Mg Iv Gaultheria procumbens and other Erica- ceous plants, resolves Phenergan 50 Mg the glucoside, gaultherin, to methyl-salicylate and glucose. CELL WALLS The cell walls of plants make up the plant skeleton. Phenergan 12.5 Mg They are all formed by the living contents of the cells (protoplasts) during cell- divisions. In most plants the cell wall when first formed consists of cellulose, (CeHioC^n, a carbohydrate, or closely allied substances. It may remain of such composition or become modified to meet cer- VEGETABLE CYTOLOGY 97 tain functions required of it. Thus, in the case of outer covering cells as epidermis and cork, whose function is that of protecting the underlying plant units, the walls become infiltrated with cutinand suberin, waxy-like substances, which make them impermeable to water and gases, as well as protect them against easy crushing. Again, in the case of stone cells and sclerenchyma fibers whose function is that of giving strength and support to the regions wherein found, the walls become infiltrated with Hgnin which increases their strength, hardness, and in the case of sclerenchyma fibers, their elasticity also. Moreover, in the case of the cells comprising the testa or outer seed coat of the pumpkin, squash, mustard and flax, Phenergan 20 Mg etc., whose function Phenergan Tablets 10mg is that of imbibing quantities of water, the walls undergo a mucilaginous modification. Growth in Area and Thickness. The cell wall when first formed is limited in both extent and thickness. As the protoplast within enlarges new particles are placed within the wall by the process called intussusception. This increases its area. New particles, also, are deposited on its surface which gradually increases its thickness. The latter process is known as growth by apposition. PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY VARIOUS KINDS OF CELL WALLS AND BEHAVIOR or EACH TO MICRO- Phenergan Sleeping Tablets CHEMIC REAGENTS Nature of wall Where found Reagent and behavior toward same Cellulose. Lignocellulose (Lignified wall). Reserve cellulose Mucilaginous modification of cellulose. Suberized walls. .
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